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Renovierung planen- wie machen Sie es richtig?
16. November 2015
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Booking a handyman in Berlin – how i do it in the best way?

Everyone makes the first step, that search on google, who is the best supplier. On google you will find many “black sheeps” , very often the client make the mistake  that he does not describe the problem accurately enough , so many misunderstandings arise when it comes to the quality and quantity of the processed matter . Today we give you tips and tricks – how to book the best handyman in Berlin .

Book a handyman in Berlin – Tip 1: Describe your problem

You’ve bough you a new kitchen in Ikea and realize only later ,that you will not manage it alone? Then we recommend that you book you a handyman . In this point is often the problem : Always the problem describe exactly ! In best case send the handyman the shooping list in advance.

Book a handyman in Berlin – Tip 2: Find the best handyman

Unfortunately in our industry , as in every industry else,  we have many black sheep . Look twice what the handyman do at your home . Basically, here is caution advised, in plumbing and electrical work . It can go something wrong and not every handyman is authorized to make it. Education to  a sanitary specialist takes about seven years. This is not groundless .

Book a handyman in Berlin – Tip 3: Talk about the price

Talk about the price in advance with your craftman. The normal price for a handyman is 30 €/hour. If the handyman costs less, look twice at his work.

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