About us

Service is our strength

For many years, our professionals have gained an excellent reputation in small repairs, assembly of furniture and household services throughout all districts in Berlin and surrounding areas. We completely meet our customers' expectations and we are here to help any time on short notice. It does not matter whether you need a professional for one hour or the entire day - our dedicated team members are ready at any time to support you. The sheer number of services we offer will help you master these small and large day-to-day challenges.

Small concerns - swift solution

What seems to be an unsurmountable problem during daily routine is a daily challenge for our team. The experienced personnel of our company have an in-depth expertise and they will solve the problem rapidly. We are proud to say that the vast majority of our customers are very satisfied with our work and they would recommend DeineHelfer24 to their friends and relatives.

Broad service portfolio to help you swiftly

The range of our work is outstanding. We work in households to provide standard tasks such as hanging lamps along with floor covering services. We install curtain rods and phone cables. Our challenge is these small and large household tasks. Cosmetic repairs are also included in our scope of services. It does not matter whether you need holes in the wall repaired, a new coat of paint on the walls or do you want to remove carpets - you can always count on our team. It is the abundance of services, which makes our Company stand above the rest. We install your phone system and your computer. These services are just as much part of our service portfolio as the installation of shelving. Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to assemble some furniture or you would like to hang a picture without having the necessary tools such as drills. Do you have any special problem? We are happy to help. If you get work done from one single source, you ensure that you get dependable quality and pave the way for a swift solution.

Our benchmark is satisfied customers.

Our services do not make satisfied customers by chance. We first like to talk to you and then, together we will find a solution. It does not matter what you have in mind - get in touch with us, then we can communicate how to approach the issue best. We will give you a cost estimate to give you absolute control over the expenses. We work transparently and we clarify in detail upfront, what work is needed and what are the expenses. We are always there to help, whether you need small cosmetic repairs or the installation of prefabricated elements or help with the computer or any other household help. It does not matter, whether you would like to use the service personally or for your company: Talk to us and tell us about your problems: Together, we will find a solution. We are always here for you, no matter whether you contact us by phone or by Internet. Our reward is your trust.