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Save 20% of your expenses on income tax
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We check every tradesman, craftsman, and handyman diligently. In case something does go wrong, we are covered by Feuersozietät [Insurer for Berlin-Brandenburg]. Their adjusters will handle damages straightforward. Our insurance covers damages of up to EUR 2 million per loss incident..

Tax benefit pursuant to Section § 35a

Pursuant to Section §35a EstG of the German Income Tax Act (Einkommensteuergesetz (EStG)) (tax deduction for household relate¬d employment, household related services ¬and repair services), you can deduct 20% of your ¬expenses for craftsman services ¬from DeineHelfer24 from your income tax.

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Renovation in Berlin - If you so desire, we install tiles, parquet flooring or laminate

Do you plan a renovation in Berlin? Are overwhelmed just thinking about the work and your home? Then, your first step should be to get a quote from us. Many people are already lost when it comes to wallpapering or applying a coat of paint to the walls. However, that is not all. The renovation of a home can include various areas, which make the process more complex than it does did seem initially. Before you start the work yourself, you be well advised to contact us first and to let professionals do the work. They understand their trade and they are experienced in the individual steps involved. Among this work are painting, lacquering already mentioned above, and the installation of new electrical devices. However, this does not complete the renovation of your home.

Time does not stop in front of your doorstep. Depending on the initial situation, you will be faced with the renovation of your home or apartment to update it. It does not matter whether you are a tenant, the property management company, landlord or owner, any renovation should be of highest quality, according to the latest standards and it should be carried out by people who are experts in their field. This will guarantee that the renovation can be enjoyed for a long time. Therefore, you should contact our Service directly. Our staff will factor all these variables and thanks to our many years of experience, we can offer you many options to renovate your home..

One of our areas of expertise is the installation of tiles. We offer you top quality and we always carry out the renovation at the customers’ highest level of satisfaction. Do you prefer parquet flooring or laminate in your home instead of tiles? Not a problem! Our team is experienced in taking care of your renovations. You will be thrilled with the result. We take care of your renovation and thanks to our skills. Your home will shine in new splendor. It only takes a short while before we can present you your completely redone home. Do you have any questions? Do you need additional information? Pick up the phone and call us. Our advice to you is free.

Do you plan a renovation?

If you have any questions or need any further information, please contact us immediately by E-Mail or 030 / 31 00 77 130 We will be pleased to advice you detailed und for free.

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